Love and Lent in February

Valentine’s Day is all about love. Valentine’s Day gives us an opportunity to tell others about the greatest love of all — God’s love for the world in Jesus Christ! 

How might you share God’s love with others on Valentine’s Day? 

– Valentine’s Day cards with a Bible passage written in it. 

– Scripture candy/chocolate might be shared with your family, friends and coworkers (available in most Christian bookstores). 

– Send a person a song or hymn file via email that speaks of God’s love in Christ.

The ideas are endless!  One congregation hosted a Valentine’s Day witness breakfast ( 

Many people don’t know that Valentine’s Day is named after St. Valentine.  To learn more about St. Valentine, adults might want to visit  Children might want to visit: to learn more about St. Valentine.  Lutheran Hour Ministries also sells a video/DVD, “The First Valentine” – an excellent Valentine gift to give someone (!

Lent is also right around the corner.  Ash Wednesday is February 25. Once again, Lutheran Hour Ministries is providing Lenten devotions.  To learn how these Lenten Devotions can be used as an outreach tool visit:

Note: A few of the web sites listed in this e-bulletin are not Lutheran. 

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2 Comments on “Love and Lent in February”

  1. Mark Koehler Says:

    These kinds of resources for special occassions are helpful. We don’t have to do the surfing. It will go in a file and be useful for next year. Thanks!

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