World Cup “big screen” can make connections

During the Olympic Winter Games earlier this year, many churches offered “big screen” coverage of major events. At one of these events, Trinity Lutheran Church in Richmond B.C. made contact with a local family who are now part of their worshipping fellowship.

This month an even bigger event provides new opportunities for connecting with people in your community – The 2010 FIFA World Cup. We North Americans don’t understand how important soccer (football) is to the rest of the world! The fervour of the fans far exceeds that of Canadian hockey fans. And we have thousands of Canadians who follow soccer, many who are new to our country.

Begin planning for a big screen soccer event by checking the demographics of your neighbourhood and choose specific games that may be of interest. Using a fellowship area in your church, connect a video projector and sound system to a TV feed and find the biggest, whitest wall to show the games. Pop some popcorn, provide some beverages and let the community know they can join others for the big games. Make sure you have helpful literature available (Lutheran Hour Ministries’ Project Connect booklets are excellent) along with information about your church programs. The most important part is having friendly, helpful volunteers to meet and greet. 

By providing ‘big screen’ fellowship events during the World Cup, you may find yourself making new friends with people from other cultures who otherwise may never think of coming to your church.

The 2010 FIFA World Cup may open new doors for sharing the Gospel with new groups of people.

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