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Know your community.

July 2, 2009

 Are you looking for some solid demographic material to help you understand your community so that you can discover “bridges” to help you share the Gospel in your community?  Stats Canada has an excellent website you might want to use called, “2006 Community Profiles.”  Visit:

Some communities (e.g. Edmonton) have additional demographic information available. Edmonton has demographic information according to neighbourhoods ( You might want to explore your city/town/township website and see what they provide in terms of community demographic and city planning information.

An application form for a community analysis is available at .

One of the best ways for you to develop outreach programs that help you connect to your community is by visiting with community leaders and asking them questions about the community.  You would want to interview: local government officials (including the mayor); planning and zoning people; teachers/principals; police; health care professionals; social workers, neighbours around the church building, the editor of your community newspaper  and so on.  Talk with other church leaders in your community to learn their insights and what they are doing to connect to the lost people.

For more information about One-2-One Connect, contact your district mission executive.