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Share a creative Easter message

April 8, 2009

Do you have family or friends who need to hear the encouraging message of Easter? Send them to  The message from President Robert Bugbee was viewed 100 times in the first hour it was posted. People commented that they were going to share the link with “someone who really needs to hear this.”

Sharing something as simple as a Youtube link may open the door to opportunities for deeper conversation.


Easter outreach ideas

April 1, 2009

The celebration of Christ’s resurrection from the dead provides us with many opportunities to give an account of the hope we have in our resurrected Lord.  There are many creative ways to share the message of Christ’s victory over death.  The website: Easy to Evangelize  has more than 60 Easter evangelism ideas!  You might want to “bookmark” this site and return to it to review their summer and Christmas evangelism ideas!

If you are looking for more Easter evangelism ideas, visit Outreach Magazine’s website.   

Are you looking for some Servant Evangelism ideas to do this Spring and Summer?  Visit the site: Servant Evangelism Ideas.  This site not only provides the ideas but also the “how” of doing the event.  You are also encouraged to visit the main page which has many more ideas, articles and inexpensive outreach resources.   Check out their “Connect cards” that can be used with a servant event. 

Disclaimer: These are not Lutheran sites so some discernment is  required!