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Green evangelism for March 17

March 17, 2009

St. Patrick is known as the “Apostle to Ireland.” Patrick arrived in Ireland around 432 A.D. After 15 years of missionary work much of Ireland had been converted. According to some sources, Patrick planted some 200 churches and baptized some 100,000 converts. ( )

The missionary spirit permeated the Irish converts. Irish missionaries were sent to various regions of Europe. Their missionary methodology included: a group of 12 men + one leader would settle in a community where the Gospel had not yet been proclaimed. They would occupy some remote or valueless land but they would live among the people of the community. They would serve the community and eventually their piety and charity would open the door for them to proclaim the message of Christ to the locals. How might the Celtic way of evangelism be adapted to our context today as we try to connect with those who are yet believers in Christ? You might want to read: George G. Hunter III’s book, The Celtic Way of Evangelism. Check it out at Chapters/Indigo: .