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Water and the Word

January 7, 2009

Do you have a friend or family member who needs to be baptized?  Do you know someone whose children need to be baptized?  How might you turn this witnessing opportunity into an actuality?

1.  Understand for yourself what the Lord did for you when you were baptized with the water and the Word.  See: and

2.  Write a short explanation of why you were baptized and the benefits received as a result of being baptized so that you are better prepared to speak of the importance of baptism. 

3.  Leave a resource that explains baptism with the interested person(s) so that they can learn more about baptism and promise to return to discuss the material with them.  One resource you might want to consider is a 10 minute DVD presentation produced by Vox Visuals (  Concordia Publishing House has many books and pamphlets that address the topic of baptism from a variety of perspectives (e.g. (

4.  Arrange a follow-up visit to answer the questions they might have regarding Holy Baptism.


Life issues

January 7, 2009

Life Sunday is observed on January 18th in the United States.  In Canada, Life Sunday falls on Mother’s Day.  If your church is looking for Life Sunday materials, please visit: Lutherans for Life has produced a number of sermons, Bible studies, and liturgical services that can be used on a Life Sunday or any other Sunday. 

Life issues provide Christians with countless opportunities to demonstrate Christ’s love through Word and deed!  What would you say to a friend who confides in you that she had an abortion?  What would you say to a person who might be dealing with a terminal illness?  How might you provide care to a couple (one of whom is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s)?  What might you say to the couple who are living together outside the state of holy marriage?  Lutherans for Life (USA) has numerous resources that can assist you in speaking God’s Word of life and hope in these situations.  Many resources will also help you see how you can show Christ’s love to people faced with life issues.  Check out the LFL catalogue at: